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Fin-X Solutions is a leading iXBRL and XBRL services and solutions company. Fin-X Solutions and its group companies have been in the XBRL space right from the inception of the reporting standard.

We are involved in every aspect of the iXBRL/XBRL supply chain, right from development of taxonomies to development of authoring tools and platforms for the consumption of iXBRL/XBRL data for analytics

We have over 500 iXBRL and XBRL professionals, well versed in reporting requirements across 15 countries which includes UK, US, India, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Our clients include regulatory bodies, banks, stock exchanges, business registries, financial printers, accounting firms, mutual funds and information companies.

We have developed several software applications and platforms for the creation, validation and consumption of iXBRL/XBRL documents. A sophisticated validation engine, a mapping tool for mapping data from legacy systems for conversion into iXBRL/XBRL outputs, and a filing platform using iXBRL/XBRL for regulators and data consumers complete the spectrum of offering.

Managed Tagging Services

Our iXBRL managed tagging service provides you a hassle-free alternative to convert your accounts in-house.Our conversion services are delivered by a team of professional accountants trained specifically for UK iXBRL conversion.

  • Conversion into iXBRL from MsWord, MsExcel, HTML, PDF or other select formats

  • HMRC and other business rule validations to ensure consistency in data

  • A maker-checker approach for generating iXBRL output, which ensures high level of accuracy

  • Multiple layers of review

  • A strong pool of iXBRL analysts with experience in handling documents across industries and taxonomies

  • Highly qualified and experienced iXBRL experts with hands on experience in conversions


  • No purchase and installation of new software (this eliminates associated training costs and issues relating to integration where the software may not be aligned with future requirements)

  • Focus on the longer term requirements and remove the distraction of working to meet the immediate HMRC compliance requirements

  • Minimise demand for internal resources

  • Timely and accurate output

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